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Ashtead Chess Club

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Anybody interested in playing chess is welcome to visit Ashtead Chess Club on Tuesday nights from 7.30 at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, Woodfield Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2BE. Contact us!

Former Ashtead Junior is 2009 UK Chess Champion
Former Ashtead Junior David Howell became the second youngest winner of the British Chess Championships held in Torquay at the end of July and the beginning of August 2009.
Eighteen year old David who became the UK's youngest Grandmaster eighteen months ago, scored nine points out of eleven and was unbeaten in the event.
Several Ashtead players competed in various Tournaments during the two weeks. Club President Richard Jones was unbeaten and came second with four points out of five in the event for players with a rating of under one hundred.

Ashtead member Chris Briscoe draws against GM Nigel Short!

Ashtead member David Howell the youngest ever English Grandmaster!

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London Chess Classic

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Richard Davey †
I first met Richard when I joined Ashtead Chess Club in the 1980s. I very soon realised that he did an enormous amount of work for the club. In the 1990s he was asked to captain the Surrey U100 team (players rated under 100) in the National County Championships and took this job on with his normal enthusiasm and determination winning the Southern Counties Chess Union Trophy several times. Over the years we have travelled to various parts of the UK in search of the National Trophy, finally being successful in 1999 and 2000. We were also runners up in the Final in 2009. Richard never lost his determination to win the trophy. Every new season he would search the new grading list for players he could use. He firmly believed the trophy belonged to Surrey and he would do everything he could to keep it in the county. Richard was totally committed to Surrey Chess. In 2006 he became involved in the revived Surrey Chess Congress. Again he was determined to see it succeed and undertook any task asked of him. Richard was held in high esteem by members of his team, but I am not sure if he realised this. This year, the Under 100 team organised a collection for him with the intention of buying him a gift. He called and said he was embarrassed as he had seen a set which cost 50 pounds was this ok? My reply was "Well we can get you five of those sets" after which there was a stunned silence. In the end we used all the money and presented him with a very nice board and pieces with which he was delighted. It is often said that nobody is irreplaceable. I think Richard proves that there is an exception to every rule. Finally I would like to say that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have known and worked with Richard. May he rest in Peace. - Richard Jones

Paul Mercer †
Ashtead Chess Club members were saddened to learn of the death of long standing member Paul Mercer. Paul was a very strong player and a regular member of the 1st team. On one of his last visits to the club he obtained a draw against Grandmaster David Howell in the Christmas tournament thereby preventing David getting a clean sweep of wins. - Richard Jones

Chess Software Partners †
Ashtead Chess Club is proud to partner with a variety of technology companies to develop the best and most advanced chess software. We have chess training programs that are monitored by application monitoring tools specificially for chess software to ensure their performance and you can click here to learn more.

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Updated on 10rd of July 2018